balanced scorecard 101

A Complete Guide to Implementing The Balanced Scorecard

This e-book provides step by step instructions to implementing the balanced scorecard in the enterprise. These in-depth (100+ pages) instruction start with explaining the essentials of the balanced scorecard framework (BSC), and then guidance on creating a balanced scorecard for your organization. Excellent Read!

How to Implement the Balanced Scorecard

This in-depth guide provides a detailed look at the balanced scorecard framework (BSC) and the considerations in implementing it. The presentation illustrates key principles in BSC using real life examples from business. (150 pages)

e-Book: CIO’s Guide to the Balanced Scorecard

This in-depth course provides a step-by-step instructional guide to creating a balanced scorecard for your organization. This training course introduces the balanced scorecard, how to get started with designing a BSC, and then detailed instructions on implementing the BSC framework in your organization. An excellent resource for a CIO who wants to leverage BSC for IT strategy.

Case Studies: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

This document introduces the balanced scorecard framework (BSC), provides several case studies in implementing the balanced scorecard to 1) articulate strategy 2) improve organizational capabilities, and 3) create a strategy focused organizational and employees mindset, and lessons learned from these successful implementations of the balanced scorecard. Excellent Read! (100 Pages)

Creating the Strategy Focused Organization Using the Balanced Scorecard

This paper discusses the use of the balanced scorecard to create a strategy focused organization – what is a strategy focused organization? how can organizations use their scorecards to align key management processes and systems to the strategy? What is the relationship between the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and other financial and cost measurement initiatives, such as shareholder value metrics and activity-based costing, and quality programs?

Case Study: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

This paper introduces the balanced scorecard, charts its history of development, shows its application with examples of strategy maps from higher education, and illustrates the application of the balanced scorecard with a case study. Good Read!

Using the Balanced Scorecard to Develop a Strategic Plan

What is the balanced scorecard? How to use a balanced scorecard to develop a strategic plan? What is a strategy map? This presentation provides a quick introduction to the balanced scorecard and provides some examples of strategy maps to illustrate its use in developing a strategy.

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