balanced scorecard case study

Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

This excellent primer on implementing the balanced scorecard introduces strategy maps, discusses effective scorecard design, provides tips on implementation considerations, discusses tools and software for BSC, and illustrates successful implementation with examples and case studies. MUST READ!

IT Balanced Scorecard Case Study

 This case study demonstrates the use of the Balanced Scorecard by an IT department to demonstrate value to business and stave off efforts to make IT a cost center.

IT Balanced Scorecard Case Study (Healthcare)

 This paper discusses the implementation of an IT Balanced scorecard at a healthcare organization (hospital) using “SAS® Strategic Performance Management for Healthcare”

Linking IT Balanced Scorecard to Business Objectives

This paper discusses and describes the development and implementation of a departmental BSC within an Information Services Division (ISD) of a Canadian financial group. It also uses an IT BSC maturity model to determine the maturity level of the IT BSC under review.