balanced scorecard governance

Improving Public Sector Governance Using the Balanced Scorecard

&nbsp;This paper presents research on the application of the Balanced Scorecard and associated management processes for strategic control purposes in a public sector environment. It shows how an improved Balanced Scorecard design has the potential to enhance strategic management and public sector governance. <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 153); ">Dated Material</span>

Balanced Scorecard for Strategy Execution

&nbsp;Why do companies with a well thought through strategic roadmap not reach their destination? &quot;Corporate strategies are intellectually simple; their execution is not. The question is, can you execute? That&rsquo;s what differentiates one company from another.&quot;

Enhancing HR Value to the CEO

A Balanced Scorecard based approach to strategies for matching strategy to human capability – a successful implementation of any strategy requires a strong and committed team. This presentation makes the connection.

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