business capability

What is a Business Capability Map?

Business architecture, in general, and capability mapping, in particular, have injected clarity into the complex business/IT transformation puzzle. The business capability provides the link between two complex, yet disparate, environments: business architecture and IT architecture. This Executive Report by William Ulrich and Michael Rosen discusses how capability mapping enables business analysis and business/IT architecture alignment. Among the topics discussed are capability mapping, IT architecture transformation, the use of capabilities to specify service-oriented architecture (SOA), and the transformation of core IT architectures.

A Framework for Business Capability Alignment

This paper describes a holistic framework to connect strategy, processes, people, and technology to create business results. This "organizational alignment" provides a mechanism for complementary capabilities that combine to create unprecedented business value.

A Framework for Strategic Capability Analysis

SWOT analysis which has been used for strategic assessment of organizations has limitations – lack of quantification and a before and after view of the situation. Consequently, the author proposes a framework to rectify these limitations and create a meaningful strategic capability assessment of organizations. 

Business Capability Model

 This paper presents a business capability framework "to provide a conceptual approach to analyze an organization and to provide a foundation that would support the architecture of an agile organization"