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Changing Organizational Culture in Support of Digital Transformation

Of the three, people, processes, and technology, perhaps the toughest to change is: people. Regrettably, business transformations pay the least amount of attention to this biggest barrier to change. Organizational culture drives people – what they believe affects how they act. Your best laid out plans are worthless till your team executes on them with all their energy.

Digital transformations by their very nature upend the “usual” – often, in every way possible. People who, by our very nature, are averse to change resist this massive change with all our energy. How should a business leader overcome this resistance? How should you divert this energy away from resistance and in the direction of the intended transformation? This week, we are referring you to an expert led discussion on the topic.

e-Book – Digital Transformation and Organizational Culture

Driving Organizational Change

This paper discusses ways to change employee attitudes and behavior to drive successful change. An excellent discussion for a CIO who is constantly shepherding change – now, drive it to better outcomes. 

A Framework for Successful IT-Enabled Change

This article presents an analytical framework that explains how IT-enabled change can be driven in practice – this research addresses exactly what it is that managers must do to successfully lead IT-enabled change.

Managing Executive Transitions

 Managing Executive Transitions is a handbook for organizations that face or are going through an executive transition. 

5 Skills of Successful Leaders

This presentation provides insights into 5 key leadership skills – employee empowerment, change management, team building, communications and training. Very Good Read!

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