Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

This paper discusses the Chief Digital Officer role – what is a CDO? why is this position important? what does a CDO do? which industries and companies are early adopters of the CDO role? where is the CDO role headed? A good overview that a CIO can use to understand how it will affect their job responsibilities and how to transition into it if they so choose.

The Emerging Chief Digital Officer Role

This paper presents an informed opinion on the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role. Specifically, it answers key questions about the role so one can understand the full impact of this role on the organization's journey moving into the digital world. Good discussion!

The Ideal C-Suite

This articles discusses the factors driving the emerging C-Suite. New roles are proposed every day but how do they help shareholders? What are the skills needed to power today's C-Suite? An excellent discussion on the context of the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and other similar roles being proposed.

From CMO to CDO

This research discusses emerging trends and makes predictions about the imperative for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) . The focus is on how marketing is changing under the onslaught of the digital juggernaught. So, is the prediction,  "CMO is transforming into CDO", accurate? Read On!

From CDO to CEO

This article tracks the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role and explores its trajectory moving forward – is the CDO destined for the CEO role? Great discussion on the CDO role and its future.

The Other CDO – Chief Data Officer

This white paper makes the case for a C-Suite role to harness enterprise data – Chief Data Officer (CDO). What is a CDO? Why is a CDO needed? What are the responsibilities of the CDO role? A different perspective on the expansion of the C-Suite. 

How to make the CDO Role succeed?

This paper discusses the factors driving the success of the CDO role. A good discussion to prevent the recent spate of failures in the CDO role.

The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT)

This research explores the skills, career paths, attitudes and behaviors of the emerging chief marketing technologist role – an amalgamation of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) roles running parallel to the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role!

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