Common Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

This whitepaper provides a very good overview of the common enterprise architecture frameworks. You will have to step over the vendor tool specific discussion but it is well worth the time. 

Integrating Enterprise Architecture and ITIL

Enterprise architecture and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) framework ITIL can – and should? – be integrated. This presentation introduces enterprise architecture, defines two enterprise architecture frameworks namely, Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture Framework (DODAF), discusses the infrastructure library process and framework (ITIL) and makes a connection between them all. Good Read!

Modeling DoDAF Compliant Architectures

This white paper describes a technical approach for improving how we specify system and system-of-systems architectures using frameworks in general, and the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) in particular. The modeldriven approach to architectural frameworks explained here, which is based on UML™ 2.0, Telelogic TAU® Generation2™, and Telelogic DOORS®, can substantially improve productivity and quality.

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