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e-Book: Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

It doesn’t matter how many times one repeats this because it is not enough! Enterprise Architecture is not an end in and of itself, it exists to create business value. Enterprise Architecture is not an island, it must connect with other disciplines to achieve results. CIOs can use some timely advice on understanding these two things.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on enterprise architecture planning that will help you understand the EA value connection and the deep links it has with IT Strategy and IT Governance among others.

e-Book: Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

e-Book: Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

This is an in-depth guide to enterprise architecture planning – how to create, maintain, and use an enterprise architecture that helps meet business objectives. CIOs can learn how to establish an enterprise architecture practice using this excellent discussion. (150+ pages)…

e-Book: A Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

There is enterprise architecture. Then, there is practical enterprise architecture. The former is charts and graphs. The latter is business value delivered on a platter. CIOs must learn how to distinguish between the two because they are deceptively similar – both produce pretty deliverables but only one can get you IT ROI. It is more an art than a science to get this right. However, you have to continue to learn the difference.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an interesting discussion on enterprise architecture. One that does the usual – explain enterprise architecture concepts – and then goes beyond – how does today’s environment connect with them? For example, how has cloud computing changed the practice of enterprise architecture?

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e-Book: A Complete Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

This document provides soup-to-nuts guidance on creating, maintaining, and using enterprise architecture to create business value for the enterprise. An excellent reference source for the CIO who wants to understand how to establish it as a discipline in their organization. (300+ pages)

e-Book – A Business Outcome Driven Enterprise Architecture Approach

This e-book focuses on creating business value using enterprise architecture planning. The basic premise is that business outcomes are the primary rationale for enterprise architecture planning, and enterprise architecture delivers superior business value when it is used to convert strategy to actionable implementation. Excellent Read! (200+ pages)

Integrated Enterprise Architecture Planning Framework

This document describes, and provides detailed guidance on implementing an integrated enterprise architecture framework that integrates key IT management disciplines to provide a holistic methodology to help technology drive business value. CIOs can use this framework to implement EA in their organization. (150+ pages)

A practical guide to developing enterprise architecture

Starting on the journey to implement enterprise architecture in your organization? This is a step by step guide to help you implement EA. CIOs can use this paper to understand the big picture of enterprise architecture implementation. Then, dive into the specifics using other tools and guides.

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