how to develop an IT strategic plan

Understanding the IT Strategic Planning Framework

This presentation provides an overview of the key elements of strategic planning. What is strategic planning? What is a framework? What are the key components of an IT strategic planning framework? What is a typical strategic planning life cycle? What are some leading practices in IT strategic planning? A good discussion on the context of IT strategic planning.

IT Strategic Plan Case Study

This information technology strategic plan provides an indepth example of the entire process of creating an IT strategy, and the deliverables and artifacts created at each step. Examples are also provided on deliverables to communicate this IT strategy to key stakeholders in the organization. This IT strategic plan example can be used as a template to create a strategy and roadmap for your organization. (150 pages) EXCELLENT READ!

IT Strategic Planning Framework

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This paper describes an approach to create a strategic plan for information technology (IT). This IT strategic planning framework can be used to develop an IT strategy for your organization.

Technology Outsourcing Internal Capability Framework

This paper introduces a framework to assess and develop internal capability for technology outsourcing – what organizational and managerial capabilities are need to undertake effective outsourcing of technology including intellectual capital transfer and development?&nbsp;

Creating a Strategy for Information Technology

This paper describes in detail the steps required to develop an IT strategy. The author takes an investment perspective on IT projects and uses the IT Strategy process as the means for developing a justification of these investments.

Developing an IT Strategy for the Technology Driven Enterprise

This paper introduces a framework to develop an information technology strategy (IT Strategy) for the technology driven enterprise. The authors content that there are specific considerations for IT strategy creating in the technology driven entrepreneurial organization. They explain what these are, their impact on the organization and implications on strategy development.

Creating A Capability Driven IT Strategy

This paper introduces an internal capability driven information technology strategy framework. It explains the IT strategy development process step by step and makes a case for the benefits in using this methodology over others. Excellent Read!

Strategic Plan Sample

This strategic plan example discusses setting a vision, mission, and goals for an organization, evaluating options and setting long term direction. This strategy and plan can be used to understand the strategic planning process and as a template for strategic planning in your enterprise or organization.

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