introduction to cloud computing

What is cloud computing?

Strategy and the quest for business leadership has confused CIOs but only those who think that IT operations take a back seat to IT Strategy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nothing could be more damaging to your career. If anything, IT Operations are Job No 1 for a CIO. They are the foundation of a successful IT capability and by extension your career! If the email doesn’t work, users cannot login to systems, or the servers are always down, cutting edge strategic thinking is of no use.

Cloud computing is the shiny new tool of IT Operations. Overlook the hype and still cloud computing shines – CIOs must master the fundamentals of cloud computing, understand its potential, master its capabilities, and craft a strategy for its use.

Toward that end, this week are starting a series on the fundamentals of cloud computing. It will walk you through the key concepts to lay the foundation of a successful cloud strategy. Hope you will find it helpful in your journey!

e-Book: What is Cloud Computing?

e-Book: What is Cloud Computing?

This e-book provides an in-depth introduction to cloud computing explaining core concepts that CIOs must understand before they embark upon their cloud journey. MUST Read! (100 pages)

Primer on Cloud Computing

This in depth primer on cloud computing will help the CIO understand cloud computing concepts, develop a strategy for cloud computing, and migrate to the cloud across the enterprise. This is an excellent source for the CIO to get started on the cloud computing journey. (100 pages)

CIO’s Guide to Enterprise Architecture Enhancements for Cloud Computing

This in-depth eBook provides guidance on leveraging cloud computing to create maximum, and sustainable business value for the enterprise. This requires a focus beyond cloud enabling individual applications and taking a holistic or enterprise view to cloud computing – a paradigm shift from solutions architecture to enterprise architecture for cloud computing. (300 pages)

CIO Guide to Cloud Computing

CIO Guide provides an overview of cloud computing from the business perspective. What is cloud computing? How does business innovation work with cloud computing? What is the business case for cloud computing? How does the IT organization change because of cloud computing? How does enterprise architecture support cloud computing? How to overcome implementation barriers to cloud computing adoption? How big data and cloud computing are connected? How to create an implementation roadmap for cloud computing?

A Comparison of Cloud Computing Services

This paper provides a clear definition of cloud computing, popular cloud computing service providers, and a comparison of the services provided by them. Excellent read!

Demystifying Cloud Computing

This paper tries to demystify the cloud to enable a "hype-free" discussion on an important technology innovation that has the power to change the way we do business.

Bringing Cloud Into the Enterprise

This presentation defines cloud computing and discusses what CIOs plan on doing with cloud computing. A good document to read if you are getting started with cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Journey

This article defines cloud computing, discusses its advantages, debates issues with its adoption, and predicts its journey forward – a major disruptive force that will affect the distribution model for computing making it easier for small and mid sized businesses use technology to become more competitive.