IT alignment

Conducting an IT Diagnostic

Do you know how your IT organization is performing against its own potential? In other words, are you missing opportunities to create business value? This self diagnostic of IT capability can provide you the answer to this question. The advantage? Mid course correction can be a reward in itself but finding out one’s own development needs saves us the embarrassment of external scrutiny.

Driving Innovation Through Business Relationship Management

This white paper discusses where BRM organizations fit in today’s enterprises; how the organization interacts with other business functions; concrete ways you can use BRM to instill a culture of innovation; and how to measure BRM success.

Business Driven IT Strategy

This presentation provides best practice based guidance on creating a business driven information technology strategy (IT Strategy).

Guide to Managing IT

This simple guide to IT Strategy focuses the user to think about their business needs and how information technology can help support them.

Does Business IT Alignment Vary By Business Type?

This research paper explores an interesting question: does business and IT strategy integration differ by the way an organization creates value? In other words, do some types of businesses require a higher level of business and IT strategy integration while some others can make do with a lower level?

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