IT investment management

A Guide to Information Technology Governance (IT Governance)

This document provides in-depth guidance on information technology governance from an investment management perspective. CIOs can learn how to steer IT in the right direction treating each project as an investment that needs to produce results. Excellent Discussion! (125 pages)

e-Book – How to Create Business Value Using IT

This e-book discusses how to create business value through IT investments. It provides a view of the issues surrounding IT value, and provides simple tools to quantify, and communicate business returns from IT investments. (100 pages)

IT Investment Business Case Toolkit

This comprehensive, multi-volume guide contains a complete set of tools – framework, process, instructions, templates, and tools – to create a business case for information technology (ICT) investments. This guide contains information, and tools for the preparer, and reviewers. Excellent toolkit for the CIO who wants a structured approach to IT Business Cases.

Creating a Strategic IT Organization

This whitepaper discusses practical ways to shift IT investments away from utility to differentiated IT capability initiatives. Using this approach an IT Organization can create increased strategic value.

Integrated IT Investment Management Methodology

This IT investment management framework tightly integrates business requirements with IT investments – from concept to outcome measurement. This ensures better business IT alignment to deliver higher return on IT investments – business strategy drive IT project and investment selection and funding. The rest of the process – selecting, funding, building, deploying, and governing IT investments then follows a business driven path to value creation.

IT Investment Framework

This information technology investment framework provides the key criteria to consider when making decisions about IT investments. An IT investment framework is used to ensure maximum returns on every dollar spent on IT – to get the biggest bang for the IT buck. It is used to select, and prioritize IT initiatives. On an ongoing basis, this framework will help the governance committee assess progress and make decisions about continuing forward or divesting from investments.

Case Study – Making Strategic IT Investment Decisions

How do companies make real life decisions concerning strategic IT investments? How do they evaluate, prioritize, and select IT investments? How can we improve IT investment decision making? This case study explores these topics and more in depth to give you a framework, and roadmap for better strategic IT investment decision making. (500 Pages)