Topic: IT Transformation

Case Study: IT Transformation

This paper discusses an information technology transformation journey that can help the CIO plan their own path forward.

IT Strategic Plan Example – Going Digital

This is a comprehensive example of strategic planning for IT that factors in the demands of a digital economy – CIOs are being forced to recognize the power of the internet and ICT strategies are one of the places where they can begin to factor in e-Business strategy. 

CIO’s Guide to IT Transformation

IT Transformation is a CIO's imperative for success. It involves change which can be a CIO's best friend, and if not managed, their worst enemy. This series of papers helps you understand how to harness IT Transformation for success. (100 Pages)

Case Study: Information Technology Strategic Transformation

This in-depth case study demonstrates a professional, consulting firm driven, soup to nuts review of the IT Capability in an enterprise – IT costs, service models, infrastructure, and governance structures and processes – with an objective to optimize business value delivered by IT. This strategic transformation case study can be used as a template to assess the current state of IT, find gaps, overlaps and improvement opportunities, and devise solutions to address them. Excellent Read! (150+ pages)

Information Technology Transformation Case Study

This report details the steps and deliverables from a top-to-bottom strategic enterprise information technology services transformation. The objective was to transform the IT organization federated to a centralized model – thereby reducing the duplication and waste in IT services delivered and extract substantial cost savings. However, the real benefit would be in the effectiveness of the new IT organization in creating business value for the enterprise.

Capability Driven IT Transformation

This short and sweet presentation proposes a capability driven IT transformation methodology – understand what your business does, what is needs, why is needs it, and then understand the impact of each action before implementing it. The result? Successful IT Transformation!

Information Technology Transformation Strategic Plan Example (Government)

This document details the information technology strategic plan for an IT Transformation. The strategy and plan details the current situation, vision, strategic objectives, IT Transformation planning steps, leadership roles and responsibilities, governance, IT Organization structure, personnel etc. to accomplish the change required. Excellent Read!

What is IT Transformation?

IT transformation is fashionable. Buzzwords generally are. This article answers a simple question: what is IT Transformation? Defining IT Transformation is critical to the success of any CIO and the IT Organization they lead.

Editor's Picks

Sample IT Strategy Plan

A good IT Strategy Plan that you can use as a template to create your own.

IT Strategy Presentation

This in-depth – 78 pages – presentation goes into just about everything you would have wanted to know about IT Strategy aka business IT alignment (ICT Strategy, IS strategy, IS strategic alignment, IT Alignment, strategic information systems planning (SISP)…)

IT Strategy Example

This is an in-depth information technology strategic planning example that details the process and framework that CIOs can adapt to give direction to their own IT Organizations. Excellent Read!! (200 pages)

IT Strategy Template

Use this template to create an IT strategic plan for your organization – aligning business with IT strategy. IT Strategy Template can be downloaded for free by CIO Index members.