strategic alignment model

Does Business IT Alignment Vary By Business Type?

This research paper explores an interesting question: does business and IT strategy integration differ by the way an organization creates value? In other words, do some types of businesses require a higher level of business and IT strategy integration while some others can make do with a lower level?

Business IT Strategic Alignment Lessons Learnt

This master thesis provides insights into business-IT Strategic alignment concept in theory and practice, and it addresses two important issues within business-IT strategic alignment – 1) define strategic alignment and alignment gap between business and IT strategy 2) how to manage strategic alignment – using a conceptual model validated by illustrative case studies.

A Market Driven Business IT Alignment Framework

This paper introduces a framework to align information technology with business based upon market demands – focus resources on IT initiatives that best meet market demands and stay away from those that do not.

A Unified Framework for Business IT Alignment

This paper introduces a unified framework for business and information technology alignment (BITA). The authors contend that business it alignment is a nebulous concept and for it to work we need a new framework – one that integrates information management with enterprise architecture.

What is Business and IT Strategic Alignment?

<div>This quick note provides a quick overview of the definition implementation of the Henderson and Venktraman strategic business and IT alignment model &#160;- what is Henderson and Venktraman strategic alignment model? How to apply the model? what is the maturity model to assess progress?</div>

What are we Aligning?

This paper reviews the key business IT alignment models and frameworks and "suggests that some models of alignment could be strengthened by considering alternatives to this four domain model. Drawing on other work on the dynamics of human-technological interaction, some ideas are given as to how this task might be approached."