what is IT Strategy

Putting Strategy Into Strategic Planning

The author makes for a structured approach to IT strategy using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework and then describes just how to use the balanced scorecard to create an IT strategic plan. Is there any strategy in your strategic plan? What are you using to measure, monitor, and communicate your organization's vision and strategy with clarity to the workforce and the people they serve? Is it working?

Business Driven IT Strategy

This presentation provides best practice based guidance on creating a business driven information technology strategy (IT Strategy).

Information Technology Strategic Planning

This paper discusses IT strategic planning – what is it? why is it important? – describes an IT strategic planning framework and illustrates best practices and lessons learnt through a case study.<br />Good discussion!

IT Strategy Models

This presentation describes three key information technology (IT) Strategy models.

Architectural Alignment

Enterprise Architecture in its business/organizational context, focusing on business and IT strategy.

Aligning IT with Business

&#160;This presentation discusses business it alignment – what is it? why is it important? how to achieve it?