CIO Patrons Program

The CIO Index Patron’s program is our way of saying thank you for supporting CIO Index.

As of October 1, 2015, our introductory membership price of $99.95/year is being adjusted to $399/year. CIO Index Patron’s program protects our existing members from this substantial rate increase by locking in the introductory price for at least 3 years, guaranteed.

To participate, a subscription must be purchased or renewed by September 30th, 2015. Members in good standing are automatically enrolled. ONLY those whose subscription has expired must renew, and those who wish to avail of this one-time offer must sign-up by September 30th, 2015.

Please review the frequently asked questions to get the details on the new pricing model and the CIO Index Patron’s program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do current subscribers have to do?

Nothing! You are automatically enrolled. Your participation in the program continues till your subscription is valid - so, please make sure that your payment information on file is updated so automatic renewals are processed. Any lapse in subscription will automatically cancel your participation. Of course, you may cancel your subscription at any time and rejoin at the prevailing rates at that time.

What should I do if my subscription has expired?

Please renew BEFORE September 30, 2015 to participate in this program. Please make sure that your payment information on file is updated so automatic renewals are processed on time. Of course, you may cancel your subscription at any time and rejoin at the prevailing rates at that time.

Why is CIO Index increasing rates?

Cioindex has come a long way from it’s founding in 2006. Today, we are the world’s largest professional network for CIOs with over 60,000 members. A vibrant “of the CIO, for the CIO, by the CIO” community with unprecedented global reach and the power to enhance the profession and your career.

As you know, we have been adding premium services to the plain vanilla “professional networking” features (ala Linkedin) on our site - CIO Desk Reference, CIO Events, and Special Interest Groups (SIG) are some examples. The next phase of our journey will accelerate these services and we plan to add many more - peer-connect, research-connect, roundtables etc. to name a few. This requires a substantial change in our pricing model to be in line with the market. However, we do not want this to affect our existing subscribers.

Toward that end, we are delighted to announce the CIO Index Patron’s program. Our current subscribers are automatically eligible - you will continue your subscriptions at the low introductory price of $99.95 for 3 years, guaranteed.

What is the Patron’s Program?

CIO Index Patron’s program offers subscription at $99.95/year without a price increase for 3 years, guaranteed. Subscribers who purchase by September 30th, 2015 are eligible to participate in this program - they can renew their subscriptions at this low, introductory price for the next three billing cycles.

The “CIO Index Patrons” is a customer appreciation program that protects our current subscribers from any rate increases for a minimum of three (3) years from September 30th, 2015. We may, at our discretion, extend this offer beyond the initial 3 years. An active subscription must be maintained to continue participation in this program. Subscribers who allow their subscription to lapse i.e. do not renew automatically, will lost this privilege.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any subscriber with an active membership (Corporate, IT Service Provider, or Academic memberships) on or before midnight, September 30th, 2015 (12:00 A.M. October 1st) is eligible to enroll in the CIO Index Patron’s program. If your membership has lapsed, please renew it by this deadline.

How do I join the program?

  1. Have an active subscription:

    current subscribers and those who subscribe to a CIO Index membership by midnight, September 30th can participate in the program

  2. Maintain an active subscription:

    participation in the program lapses 7 days after the expiration of an active subscription. Renewals must be processed within this period.

  3. Maintain an up-to-date profile:

    subscribers must maintain a valid, up to date professional profile on CIO Index with accurate, and complete information.

  4. Verify Your Account:

    subscribers must verify their account within 7 days of subscribing or receiving a request from us.

  5. We will notify you of your acceptance in the program within 7 days of receiving your verification request.

How do I Renew or Subscribe?

Please click on this link to purchase or renew your membership. Remember, you must purchase your subscription on or before September 30th, 2015 to avail of this opportunity.