A Framework to Select Enterprise Architecture Framework and Tool

How do you know that your technology investment is paying off? Getting the biggest bang for the IT buck must be an obsession with every CIO – as it is. The problem is getting an answer to the problem.

Many frameworks and approaches have been proposed. Are we any closer to a solution?

Now, let us compound the problem of justifying Enterprise Architecture. What is the value created by Enterprise Architecture? What is the business case for Enterprise Architecture? Since Enterprise Architecture is an ancillary activity – a couple of steps away from business value in the chain – answering this question is even more difficult.

OK, let us make this even tougher. Does one Enterprise Architecture framework/tool provide more value than the other? Is framework/tool selection the critical link in Enterprise Architecture business value connection? As you can tell, intuitively, the answer is yes but the problem is conclusively proving the connection and getting the variables in this equation. One is being asked to prove that, say, Zachman Framework provides less business value than TOGAF. How do you do that?)

Many researchers have been at it now. Most have taken the problem from the “technology-task fit” perspective i.e. does the technology selected fit the task at hand? This paper takes all those frameworks and synthesizes them into a framework for Enterprise Architecture – Do enterprise architecture frameworks meet the needs of their users to manage technology and facilitate transformational organizational change?

This paper presents a framework to assist in the evaluation and selection of an Enterprise Architecture framework and tool. If you are looking for a baked template then you will be disappointed. If you are looking to understand the variables to help you create a template then this is a good discussion to read.

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