Architecting the Enterprise for Business Value

 "Business leaders operate in the realm of confounding uncertainties and astounding complexities. These lead to incomplete and often non‐actionable information that makes business decisions increasingly speculative. The advent and diffusion of Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a meta‐discipline provides organizations and business leaders the means to address the twin challenges of business dynamism and complexity. However, this necessitates the inclusion of strategic (systems) thinking within the EA approach, requiring with it a complete transformation of the architect’s mental models pertaining to the development and utility of EA. As organizations become increasingly hyper‐connected they ought to be viewed and examined as systems, wherein the holistic approach and the inter‐relationships between the organizational elements play a crucial factor in ensuring overall business coherency. This paper demonstrates the value of adopting the systems approach to addressing chronic disease management in Singapore, and provides insights to advance the impact of EA by integrating creative thinking to tackle complex problems."

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