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Business Capability Model

 This paper presents a business capability framework "to provide a conceptual approach to analyze an organization and to provide a foundation that would support the architecture of an agile organization"

"Staying competitive in today’s fast changing markets and business environments has become a big issue in organizations these days. To be able to foresee the future of the industry and have insight into customer’s articulated and unarticulated needs are critical capabilities that organizations need to acquire in order to stay competitive.

The objective of this research project is to provide a conceptual approach to analyze an organization and to provide a foundation that would support the architecture of an agile organization. Enterprise architecture, business capabilities, organizational analysis and innovation are the main practices that contribute towards the construction of capabilities and the development of the conceptual business capability framework.

The most significant findings from this research study were the development of a conceptual framework that is later utilized to construct business capabilities. A business capability model has also been produced to visually depict a business capability. This study also provided two feedback loops, namely the organizational feedback loop and the innovative feedback loop."

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