Case Study – Enterprise Architecture Best Practices

What makes enterprise architecture successful? Delivery of business value is the ultimate test but how do we know if our EA implementation is going to deliver on the promise? This research delved into this topic:

  • What is enterprise architecture?
  • What are the benefits in implementing enterprise architecture?
  • What are the challenges implementing enterprise architecture in an organization?
  • How can we overcome these challenges?
  • What are there critical success factors influencing the success of an EA implementation?

CIOs must make sure they address these critical success factors before embarking in the EA journey. If you are already enroute, check again to make sure you do not fail. If you are experiencing challenges then this is a good place to start the root cause analysis!!

Documents are in common file formats such as Microsoft Word (doc), Powerpoint (ppt), Excel (xls,csv,xlsx), and Adobe pdf. 1

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