Case Study – Enterprise Architecture Implementation

This enterprise architecture case study provides a valuable link between theoretical framework and its practical application.
“The C4ISR AF has become a de facto-standard for the development of architectures with the Defence community. However, there are few papers that describe the practical application of the framework. This paper attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice by discussing lessons learnt during the application of the C4ISR AF to the development of an architecture for a military operation. This paper describes some aspects of the process used to construct the Joint Operational Architecture Demonstrator (JOAD), which used C4ISR AF to represent an operation. The approach presented in this paper strongly correlates with processdeveloped by Levis and Wagenhals (2000). The paper focuses mainly on practical lessons learned, and insights gained while applying the process.”
Note: This study is 9 years old. However, it has good lessons for practical application of enterprise architecture frameworks.

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