Case Study: From Outsourcing Failure to Success

Outsourcing is simple and straightforward. You identify a system, function or process that you dislike or want to be done cheaper and give it to a vendor. They will take the entire headache from you and deliver great results at pennies on the dollar. As Borat would say, "Great success!"

Unfortunately, the truth is somewhat different from this reality - actually about 180 degrees different! Outsourcing is like organ transplant - an external organization is now meshed with yours. All your strategy, processes, people and technology must work in tandem with theirs. How simple and straightforward is that?

This presentation describes the outsourcing journey of a city that went from the first state of mind i.e. "give my headache to someone else" to the second i.e. "I have to partner with someone else" . In the process they converted failure to success. The presentation provides objectives and ground realities before and after. Very good read!

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