Case Study – IT Operations Optimization

There are three key questions to be answered when optimizing IT assets: 1) Are your IT operations supporting business objectives, and to what extent? 2) Are your IT Operations running to optimal capacity? 3) Are your IT operations running at the lowest cost possible? The answer lies in understanding your IT assets, their deployment, and utilization. Then this is compared with some benchmark say, how do they compare to companies who have excellent results with their IT Capability, and operations. This case study demonstrates the approach, and framework to ask, and answer these three questions so you can optimize your IT operations. It demonstrates how to:

  • Create a detailed yet digestible view of your entire IT Operations
  • Align IT Operations footprint with business requirements
  • Assess IT Capability
  • Identify Cost drivers, and map
  • Compare costs with industry benchmarks
  • Create an action plan to eliminate service gaps, and improve service quality, efficiency, and effectiveness

An excellent example of the basic blocking and tackling a CIO must do to so she can be trusted with strategy, and innovation.

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