CEO Succession in 2008

Booz & Company (Booz Allen and Hamilton's new name) does an annual survey to determine CEO career trajectory across the globe. Every CIO - and other business leader - must read this report because not only does it reflect the state of the corporate world but also contains invaluable pointers for your own career.

"With stock prices plummeting, profits evaporating, and millions of workers worldwide joining the ranks of the unemployed, one might assume that the chief executives of the world’s largest companies lost their jobs in dramatic numbers in 2008. But that was not the case. CEOs demonstrated remarkable recession resistance last year. Although CEO turnover rose slightly on a global basis, from 13.8 percent in 2007 to 14.4 percent in 2008, Booz & Company’s annual survey reveals that turnover actually declined in North America and Europe, the regions hit first and hardest by the economic downturn."

What can a CIO learn from this simple statement?

The article provides seven tips to "new" CEOs. It is good to know what your boss is probably going to take to heart. I also believe every CIO must take these tips to heart for their own action plans.

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