CIO’s Guide to Strategic IT Planning

This guide touches upon the critical elements of IT capability - business IT alignment, IT strategic planning, IT Governance, IT metrics, IT value, IT organization, IT team and the role of the CIO. A great place for the CIO to start
understanding the role IT plays in creating business value, designing an IT capability to support value creation, and understand the role a CIO must play in this endeavor. 

  • Business IT Alignment - How does IT create business value? what is business IT alignment? How to create an IT strategic plan?
  • IT Alignment Maturity Model - what is it alignment maturity? how do we measure IT alignment maturity over time?
  • IT processes - what are the key IT processes? How do we plan for and improve IT processes to create business IT alignment and value?
  • Strategic IT Planning - what is strategic planning for IT? why is it important? how to create a strategy for IT?
  • IT Governance - what is IT Governance? why is IT governance important? how to implement IT governance?
  • IT Metrics - how to measure, control and management IT value using metrics? how to design and use service level agreements?
  • IT Value - how to measure and communicate IT's value?
  • Role of IT - How has the role of the IT organization evolved over time, where is it now, what do leaders expect of it, and is IT delivering value?
  • IT Organization Design - what are the different models or designs of an IT organization? which is best suited for your organization and why?
  • Managing IT Team - how to hire, train and retain top notch IT talent? what skills are critical to the IT organization's success?
  • Role of the CIO - what is the role a CIO plays in creatig business IT alignment? How has this role evolved over time? What characteristics make a successful CIO?
  • Disruptive Technologies - how do emerging technologies impact business success? when and how should an IT organization adopt an emerging technology?
  • IT in Change Management - how can IT organization affect change management? how is IT organization affected by change?
  • IT Communications - why is communications within the IT organization and with its partners critical to IT's success? how does communication affect business IT alignment?

Documents are in common file formats such as Microsoft Word (doc), Powerpoint (ppt), Excel (xls,csv,xlsx), and Adobe pdf.


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