e-Book – Creating a Digital Strategy

Digital disruption is a buzzword whose time has come. At least since the mid-nineties the writing was on the wall - a new communications channel is opening up the world, get ready! So, what does it take to harness this wave?

  • Have a clear understanding of what is happening in your markets, industry, company etc. What has changed? What will change? How?
  • What is the impact of these changes on your business? 
  • What is the risk introduced? What is the opportunity presented?
  • How is your business poised to deal with this anticipated change? What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses?
  • What needs to change in your business capability to address these?
  • How will you implement this change?
  • How will you monitor your progress along the way?
  • How will you correct things as new information comes in about your progress - things you assumes may not be correct; actions you took did not have the anticipated impact...

This e-book is a good place to start this discussion. Learn how digital is/will disrupt your industry and how to get ahead before you are swept away. Great read for the CIO who wants to walk the talk of being a "business leader!"

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