e-Book: Retooling IT for Digital Transformation

This discussion focuses on the imperative for IT to change so it can enable the digital transformation of business. Excellent discussion for the CIO to follow. (75 pages)

Digital transformation requires both the re-imagining and re-tooling of the IT organization and the capability it brings to the table. CIOs can learn for this discussion:

  • What is the future of IT in the enterprise?
  • How does IT enable the digital enterprise?
  • Is IT ready? What is missing?
  • How to change IT capability to enable digital transformation?
  • What is the role of the CIO in this change?
  • What is the right approach to affect this change?
  • What are the trends driving and enabling enterprise IT?
  • How to leverage these trends?
  • How are others making this transition and what can we learn?

IT needs a new operating model. IT then needs to execute to this operating model - using capabilities offered by emerging technology, tools and techniques. CIOs are the stewards of this change. This discussion can help you get the recipe right. MUST Read!

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