eBook CIOs Guide to Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture

Service orientation is well established in software design. Distinct pieces of functionality are implemented as services and they interact with each other to form a complete system. This form of architecture provides flexibility not seen in traditional systems design. Reduced duplication, ease of maintenance, extensibility , inter-operability etc. offered by SOA produces higher business value.
Can this service orientation be applied to the enterprise?
After all, an enterprise is nothing but actors anc actions or activities. Enterprise level services can be designed that encapsulate specific business activities/processes. These services then interact with each other to present a more realistic model of the enterprise. This enterprise architecture will provide the same benefits SOA provides at the system level - flexibility to change with business needs, extensibility to scale easily, interoperability within and outside the enterprise...<
Read this in-depth ebook to understand what is service orientation and how to apply it to model your enterprise.

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