Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance Integration Framework

 "Enterprise architecture (EA) is often managed within the IT function of organizations. With the lack of business ownership and involvement, the potential of EA cannot be fully realized on an enterprise scale. We view that the management processes and control mechanisms of IT governance are inadequate for holistic governance of enterprise architecture. Whereas IT governance primarily focuses on running daily IT operations, EA is primarily focused on designing the future state of architecture in support of business. IT governance frameworks such as CobiT define policy development and good practice for IT control, but EA still calls for comparable governance measures. In this paper, we propose an approach to EA and IT governance based on proven theories from organizational research and construct theoretically motivated Agile Governance Model (AGM) that bridges both types of governance. We view that a responsive organization must have both mechanistic and organic characteristics. It must be efficient in face of business as usual and effective in transformative changes. To that end, a formal, hierarchical structure of authority and control as well as a network structure of  communication and coordination are called for. We argue that IT governance predominantly contributes to organizational efficiency, whereas EA governance addresses effectiveness. Using the constructed model, we analyze EA and IT governance in the case company, a financial institution, identifying weaknesses in the company’s extant governance structures and pointing out several areas for improvement. Due to the generic nature of the underlying organizational theories, the model is potentially  generalizable. Further work would include applying AGM in a number of other companies to test the model’s external validity and applicability to different types of organizations."

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