Enterprise Architecture in Practice

The author gives a good account of enterprise architecture in practice but makes some other points and raises some fundamental issues related to the practice of enterprise architecture as it exists today:

  1. Enterprise Architecture is a strategic skill that transcends companies, and industries i.e. the fundamental principles apply across the board
  2. Enterprise Architecture is much more than a tool for "business IT alignment" or being only about IT - it concerns the entire enterprise and its restriction to IT has limited its value

Toward that end, the ebook discusses:

  1. How to setup the enterprise architecture practice or capability in the enterprise
  2. What "work" or "activity" does an enterprise architecture practice/department do and what business benefit does that produce?
  3. What is enterprise architecture maturity and what do you need to do for continuous improvement so an enterprise architecture not only keeps up with the times but also incrementally increases the value it produces?

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