How to Spot a CIO?

A wizard wears a pointy hat. A clown has a red nose. And then we have the classic definition of obscenity, given to us by Justice Stewart who proclaimed from the Supreme Court bench: "I know it when I see it."

Can this principle be applied to the definition of a CIO?

Some have applied a more scientific/structured way to get to the key capabilities of a CIO. Prof. Peter Gottschalk is one of them. He has come up with a list of CIO capabilities.

Attached is Prof. Gottschalk's classic paper on the topic. (But my favorite book is the one that teaches children that anyone with a pointy hat is not a magician!)

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P.S: What role does destiny play in the profession you chose? Well, if your name is "got chalk" then what are the odds that you will become a teacher?

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