I have aligned SOA to EA What next?

Case Study: I aligned SOA with EA ­ What Next? <br />
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Have you tried aligning SOA and EA? If so, what key gaps did you address and what strategies/techniques/tactics did you employ to address them?
Here is a case study where we went aligned SOA with Enterprise Architecture at a client.
<strong>What were the business opportunity/drivers</strong>? Our client wanted to add new sales channels to existing stores to go “direct” to their customers. Other drivers included Service Convergence, Regulation and Targeting a larger customer base.
<strong>What challenges did we face? </strong>Lack of clear enterprise architecture and business principles, limited as-is architecture artifacts and SOA selection made without any analysis. <br />
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<strong>Our approach</strong>: influencing the creation of relevant business strategy, formulating IT strategy, building and tailoring an EA framework, establishing and normalizing the EA function, aligning SOA and EA by drawing synergies between various business functions, adhering to established EA principles and then implementing SOA within this context to help realize business goals in phases.<br />
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What happens next after aligning SOA and EA? Other problems have to be addressed like master data management, products, and other “elementary” business or technical problems. Does SOA alignment with Enterprise Architecture make it easier to solve these “elementary” problems? The answer is yes as the attached presentation shows. <br />
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<strong>The result?</strong> Our client organization was able to introduce new product lines and value propositions, to their customers, with minimal effort and disruption to existing business. They went “direct” to customers through new sales channels and, simultaneously, improved the cost of operating their existing retail stores. <br />
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Speaker: Bhavish Kumar, Deputy Practice Leader, Cognizant Technology Solutions, UK

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