Information Technology Strategic Plan – State of California

Six Strategic Concepts, first articulated in the 2009 Statewide IT Strategic Plan, serve as the framework for the 2010 Strategic Plan. They are as follows:

  1. IT as reliable as a utility – Providing the agile, effective, extensible, reliable and secure IT infrastructure and shared services necessary to meet program needs of state agencies.
  2. Fulfilling Technology’s potential to transform lives – Providing accessible, reliable and secure services that meet the needs of California’s residents and businesses.
  3. Self-Governance in the digital age– Enabling greater accountability through enhanced government transparency and accessibility.
  4. Information as an asset – Leveraging the state’s vast information resources to facilitate informed policymaking and enhance the performance and productivity of state programs and services.
  5. Economic and Sustainable – Ensuring that the state’s management and use of technology contributes to efficient government operations and furthers the state’s environmental goals through the implementation of green IT best practices and policies.
  6. Facilitating collaboration that breeds better solutions – Advancing communication and partnerships between stakeholders, external and internal to government, is critical to delivering innovative and effective government policies, programs and services.

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