Integrating ITIL with other Frameworks

CIOs are often told: ITIL and forget. More often than not, ITIL is not enough - it must work with other frameworks to generate business value. So, the question becomes:
- What is ITIL?
- Why is it important?
- What are its strengths?
- What are its weaknesses?
- Where is it best suited?
- What gaps does ITIL leave for others to fill?
- What other frameworks do we need to fill these gaps?
- How to integrate these frameworks with ITIL?

A CIO must understand the big picture before implementing ITIL. This is an excellent discussion on taking ITIL from a flavor of the month to a real business value generator. 


Note: For a quick and complete definition of ITIL, please visit the CIO Wiki page: What is ITIL?

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