IT Transformation Case Study

This IT Transformation Case study dec includes the following documents:

IT Transformation Case Study
Transforming IT at a major public university case study describes the guiding principles, goals, governance model and organization structure used to create the new IT capability.

IT Transformation Kick Off Letter Sample
Communication is key in any major initiative such as IT transformation. This sample letter is from the CIO to their staff kicking off the initiative explaining the objective and starting the dialog on "what will happen to my job"

IT Transformation Executive Communication Example
This presentation makes the business case for an IT transformation about to start. It communicates the strategic objectives and goals of the transformation initiative, and then provides a high level overview of the steps that will be implemented to meet them.

IT Transformation Strategic Plan
This presentation discusses the strategic plan developed to support an IT transformation at the enterprise. What are the strategic goals and objective for the IT transformation? How will these goals be met? what will the transformation affect? How will it be measured?

IT Transformation Service Definition Template
This document is a service definition, clarification and agreement between the IT Organization and the "customer" i.e. the business unit of function that receives the services. Good way to clarify up-front the services, their scope and IT organization and personnel delivering them.

Documents are in common file formats such as Microsoft Word (doc), Powerpoint (ppt), Excel (xls,csv,xlsx), and Adobe pdf. 1

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