Strategy Risk and Governance of IT Investments: Board CEO and CIO Perspectives

The survey asked Boards, CEOs, and CIOs from Australia's top 100 companies the following questions:

- Are we any better today in managing IT investments than we were in the 1990s?
- Do IT projects deliver tangible business value?
- Are Boards informed on IT investments?
- Do Boards understand how to assess IT investments?
- Are IT project risks identified accurately at the outset and then actively managed?
- How do the Board and CEO rate the success of major outsourcing initiatives to date?
- What does the CEO expect from the CIO?
- Is there consistency of use between Boards, CEOs, and CIOs in relation to crucial technology concerns?

Here is a sample finding:
"Despite the strategic importance of technology in the majority of participant
organisations, for at least half of them, the Board has no overall technology vision
and 3 to 5-year roadmap to guide it in the evaluation of IT investments."

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