The capability within – The Global Human Capital Study 2005

Are people "units of capacity" or a “strategic resource”? The conduct of some organizations makes you wonder. Written policy manuals say something and actions something entirely different. “War on talent” is talked about and waged in earnest but employees on board are treated like trash – sometimes worse. The fact is that organizations do not act – people do. As a key leader of the organization, the CIO must make people a priority - not just in words but in deed. This is not a call to coddling – you have to be tough. But be fair and honest. The people you lead know the difference. If you take employee surveys, check the participation percentage. If it is low, employees who did not participate are telling you way more than the ones who did. Long term success of a team depends on the leader’s perceived empathy towards its members. Are you known to be fair and honest in your dealings? Or are you known as someone who is only for themselves? As the leader, your success depends on treating employees as a strategic asset. Enclosed is a survey that once again, highlights this very obvious point. Based on interviews and surveys with over 400 Chief Human Resources Officers worldwide, this study identifies the key challenges they face in the current business climate. It examines how the HR function can - and does - help organizations make the most of their employees and drive business goals. (IBM Institute for Business Value study.)

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