Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF)

 An Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides the enterprise with a foundation for two essential activities:
- Performing strategic planning and investment management
- Providing direction for systems engineering activities in support of business needs

The Department of the Treasury (Treasury) has developed the Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF) to provide:
- A framework for producing an Enterprise Architecture
- Guidance for developing and using an EA
- Guidance for managing EA activities

The TEAF provides guidance in developing enterprise architectures. The TEAF aims to establish a common EA structure, consistent practices, and common terminology; and to institutionalize EA governance across the enterprise. This architectural consistency will facilitate integration, information sharing, and exploitation of common requirements across the organization.

Effective management and strategic decision making, especially for information technology (IT) investments, require an integrated view of the enterprise—understanding the interrelationships among the business organizations, their operational processes, and the information systems that support them.  An EA formalizes the identification, documentation, and management of these interrelationships, and supports the management and decision processes.  The EA provides substantial support for evolution of an enterprise as it anticipates and responds to the changing needs of its customers and constituents.  The EA is a vital part of the enterprise’s decision-making process, and will evolve along with the enterprise’s mission.


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