Your Digital Blind Spot(s)

The only reason this paper is being discussed in this forum is because it raises an excellent issue: why do digital strategies fail?
In order to answer that question, one must start at the very beginning and ask: what is the "true" aka "meaningful" role of your digital strategy?
The big fallacy that affects any eStrategy - digital strategy, electronic strategy, internet strategy, eBusiness Strategy or whatever it is being called these days - is that it is confused with IT Strategy - information technology strategy, information systems strategy, technology strategy, business IT alignment, is/it strategy, is/it plan, ICT strategy, ICT plan or whatever it is being called today.
Unfortunately, this paper does not address this issue. It does raise an excellent point in the holistic nature of eBusiness:
"It’s easy to blame missteps and missed opportunities in the Digital space on poor decision-making, unfocused strategy, or wayward execution. The surprising reality is that these problems are often caused by a series of very good individual decisions and solid execution.
The real problem actually lies in organizations’ inability to recognize and anticipate the countless interdependencies—and sometimes conflicting objectives—inherent in Digital initiatives. Even the most successful individual projects often cause an unintended shockwave"
So, let us use it to get the discussion going!
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