List of references in Accellion

File Sharing and Collaboration in the Enterprise – Mitigating the Security Risks

This paper discusses that to prevent data breaches, enterprises should first conduct a thorough audit of their file sharing practices. It contends that to ensure data security and compliance for the organization, one needs to know all data security risks and how to mitigate them. It is important to implement best practices for secure file sharing, so employees can continue to collaborate with internal and external parties. It concludes that implementing a secure file sharing solution minimizes the risk of data breaches and helps ensure compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.

The Advantages of Virtualization for Secure File Transfer

This whitepaper addresses how to take advantage of virtualization benefits through a “virtual appliance.” With virtualization, software applications share expensive computing resources including space, power and cooling to increase efficiency. Organizations use virtualization strategies to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT infrastructure and to increase business agility.