Application Portfolio Management Services

Implementing Application Portfolio Management

This presentation defines Application Portfolio Management (APM), discusses its benefits, describes a solution architecture for APM and illustrates the APM implementation process with examples of APM in action.

Application Portfolio Rationalization Guide

This Step by Step Guide provides a structured approach to Application Portfolio Rationalization (APM). It discusses critical success factors, describes a framework to assess business value and prescribes solutions to maximize business value. Use this application portfolio rationalization guide to reduce cost and free up resources for other high value investments.

Primer on Application Portfolio Rationalization

This paper introduces application portfolio rationalization – what is Application Portfolio Management? why is APM important i.e. what are its benefits to corporate strategy, operations, and value generation? what are the steps in APM? A great place for the CIO to start their journey into application portfolio methods. Good Read!

Application Lifecycle Optimization

 By proactively identifying, eliminating, or remedying poorly performing application assets, Applications Rationalization helps companies reduce costs, target efforts to the areas of highest return, and maximize the business value of their application portfolios.