Applied Information Economics

Evaluation of Methodologies For IT Investment Decision-making

<span class="Normal">This paper evaluates The Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Applied Information Economics (AIE) and Post Implementation Review (PIR) – for some inexplicable reason leaving out the other proud members of the framework alphabet soup – as IT Investment Management frameworks. The evaluation is done using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). </span>

Case Study: Creating a business case for an IT Investment

This report presents the results of Applied Information Economics (AIE) in action in a real life setting – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wanted to ascertain the implications of replacing desktops on an accelerated schedule. EPA used AIE to create a business case for this &quot;investment&quot;. Here is the report from that study.

IT Value: How to Measure Anything

Enclosed is an introduction to &quot;Applied Information Economics&quot; aka AIE. The author – Douglas Hubbard – provides the value proposition for the value proposition measuring framework! Good Read!

A New Method for Quantifying IT Value

Applied Information Economics (AIE) is a method for quantifying the value of IT investments. This overview of AIE provides an overview of key IT decision problem, how AIE solves them and how AIE is different from other methods.