Balanced Scorecard Business Case

Case Study- Balanced Scorecard for Strategic Effectictiveness

This case study explores the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard methodology in implementing corporate strategy – from vision to measurement and control. How effective is BSC in translating vision into strategy? Communicating strategic objectives? Quantifying and measuring results? The study helped identify critical success factors to successfully deploy BSC for strategy implementation.

Balanced Scorecard and Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, more than ever, organizations need to combine profits with social good. This workshop makes the connection between profits and the need to balance profits with the social and societal well-being – what is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? What is the balanced scorecard framework (BSC)? how to connect CSR with strategy? what are some examples of using BSC to align the profit motivation with societal needs?

Using the Balanced Scorecard for Competitive Advantage

This paper discusses the use of the balanced scorecard framework (BSC) to create competitive advantage – first, use SWOT analysis to determine critical success factors for competitive differentiation, then use the value chain to align these CSFs with key processes then use the BSC to measure and track success and make mid-course correction. Good Read!

Creating the Strategy Focused Organization Using the Balanced Scorecard

This paper discusses the use of the balanced scorecard to create a strategy focused organization – what is a strategy focused organization? how can organizations use their scorecards to align key management processes and systems to the strategy? What is the relationship between the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and other financial and cost measurement initiatives, such as shareholder value metrics and activity-based costing, and quality programs?

IT Strategy Guide Using Balanced Scorecard

<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">This document provides a step by step guide to create a strategic plan for information and communication technology. For each activity, it provides overview of the step, required inputs, expected outputs, tasks lists and process diagram, supporting tools, and related tasks.</span>

Putting Strategy Into Strategic Planning

The author makes for a structured approach to IT strategy using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework and then describes just how to use the balanced scorecard to create an IT strategic plan. Is there any strategy in your strategic plan? What are you using to measure, monitor, and communicate your organization&#39;s vision and strategy with clarity to the workforce and the people they serve? Is it working?

Using the Balanced Scorecard

&nbsp;This paper provides a general background, brief history of the balanced scorecard (BSC). It also discusses key issues surrounding BSC and provides recommendations for its implementation.