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Balanced Scorecard Introduction

e-Book: CIO’s Guide to the Balanced Scorecard

This in-depth course provides a step-by-step instructional guide to creating a balanced scorecard for your organization. This training course introduces the balanced scorecard, how to get started with designing a BSC, and then detailed instructions on implementing the BSC framework in your organization. An excellent resource for a CIO who wants to leverage BSC for IT strategy.

EFQM Business Excellence Model and the Balanced Scorecard

This paper explores the relationship between the EFQM business excellence model and the balanced scorecard framework – Are the Balanced Scorecard and the EFQM Excellence Model mutually exclusive or do they work together to bring added value to a company?

Balanced Scorecard Primer

This is a quick introduction to the balanced scorecard framework – what is BSC? why is it important? why should an enterprise use the BSC framework? how to implement BSC in your organization? where can BSC be applied?

Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard Framework

This presentation introduces the balanced scorecard framework and discusses its application in the public sector – this application can be used as a template for other not for profit organizations.

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