Business Intelligence

What is Big Data?

An excellent introduction to big data from an implementation perspective. Great discussion for the CIO.

Big Data Implementation Guide

This document discusses key considerations in implementing big data in the enterprise. An excellent resource for the CIO starting out their journey into Big Data.

Big Data for Marketing Effectiveness

This white paper discusses the use of big data to improve marketing effectiveness – better targeting and cross channel optimization. Great discussion for CIOs on how to support the marketing function with big data. 

The Rise of Agile BI Databases

This paper predicts the rise of specialized database management systems to provide the agility and flexibility needed to deal with the changing business requirements of today’s business intelligence.

Introduction to Big Data

This quick introduction to big data provides answers to three simple questions: what is big data? why use big data? how to use big data to create business value? This is a good starting point to your big data journey.

History and Future of Big Data Architecture

This paper examines the big data platform architecture – it goes from the origin of large data set processing to its present and path to the future – so, if you want to understand the guts of this realm of data processing then this paper is for you.