Change Management

Driving Organizational Change

This paper discusses ways to change employee attitudes and behavior to drive successful change. An excellent discussion for a CIO who is constantly shepherding change – now, drive it to better outcomes. 

A Framework for Successful IT-Enabled Change

This article presents an analytical framework that explains how IT-enabled change can be driven in practice – this research addresses exactly what it is that managers must do to successfully lead IT-enabled change.

Managing Executive Transitions

 Managing Executive Transitions is a handbook for organizations that face or are going through an executive transition. 

Leadership Matters

Was the purported “financial crisis” brought on by a lack of leadership? The authors seem to believe that.

5 Skills of Successful Leaders

This presentation provides insights into 5 key leadership skills – employee empowerment, change management, team building, communications and training. Very Good Read!

Contemporary Leadership Trends

<span class="Normal">This presentation is about leadership responses to specific business imperatives. How should a leader maximize shareholder value? Align business and organizational strategies. Globalization? Global Agility of course!</span>

Coaching for Behavioral Change

Coaching can help leaders develop skills and address development needs. This is a leadership coach’s perspective. You can learn from how they think to use them effectively.