CIO and CFO Relationship

This presentation discusses the relationship between two C-Suite peers – the CIO, and CFO. How does each view the issue of governance, compliance, and risk, where are the differences, and where is there a convergence of views? How can these two work together to provide better governance to the enterprise? Good Read! 

CIO CFO Partnership

This case study illustrates the benefits reaped from a CIO-CFO partnership – in this case a University successfully weathered the recent economic tsunami.

Connecting across the C-suite

 How do the CEO, CIO and CFO work together to deal with challenges facing their organization? This report compares the findings from "three separate C-suite studies to identify where C-level executives agree – or, equally importantly, diverge – and how CFOs and CIOs help CEOs prepare for the future."

2010 IBM Voice of the CIO Study

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