CIO Career White Papers

The Future of IT Organization

This paper discusses the changes in structure and roles that are being forced upon the IT Organization by the advent of cloud computing. CIOs must understand the impact of cloud computing on the business but also on the way they go to market – this is a good discussion to get you started!

The Other CDO – Chief Data Officer

This white paper makes the case for a C-Suite role to harness enterprise data – Chief Data Officer (CDO). What is a CDO? Why is a CDO needed? What are the responsibilities of the CDO role? A different perspective on the expansion of the C-Suite. 

How to Attract and Retain High Performance Talent?

This whitepaper discusses the factors driving the identification, selection, hiring, and retention of high performance talent. What motivates high potential employees? Why would they join your company? How to retain talented team members? The discussion takes the feedback of both technology employees, and CIOs to arrive at a set of practices for hiring and retention. Good Read!

Evolving Role of the CIO – From CIO to CEO

This paper discusses the opportunities and challenges of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role, explores the capabilities of the future CIO, and charts the course for a CIO to become a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Future CIO

This paper discusses the business and technology trends shaping the business landscape and their implications for the IT organization and the CIO Role. The key

Five Disciplines of the New CIO

This whitepaper discusses the five key disciplines – skills – that a Chief Information Officer (CIO) must master in order to deliver business value.