Cloud Computing Strategy

e-Book: Executive’s Guide to Cloud Adoption

This document discusses key analyses that the C-Suite must do before it makes the decision to adopt the cloud. CIOs will learn how to think before they jump on the cloud computing bandwagon. Excellent Read! (50 pages) This guide to

Case Study – IT Capability Assessment

This case study, conducted by a consulting firm, illustrates how to conduct an assessment of key aspects of an organization IT capability. The results can then be analyzed to make decisions about fixing things, moving things to the cloud or other steps to make it more effective and efficient. MUST Read. (150 pages)

Strategic Planning for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is among the top items on a CIOs agenda. Understanding what cloud computing is, what it can do for your enterprise, and how to implement it efficiently are the questions on every CIOs mind. This indepth e-book can help create a strategy, and migration plan for cloud computing in the enterprise.

Cloud Computing Adoption Strategy

This document discusses the considerations in adopting cloud computing in a government organization. The objective is to create a coordinated approach to implementing cloud computing across the enterprise with a pilot to get the ball rolling.

What is Your Cloud Strategy?

This presentation discusses the selection and implementation of cloud based applications – Cloud economics, cloud based application categories, selection considerations, integration issues and running a hybrid application shop.

Bringing Cloud Into the Enterprise

This presentation defines cloud computing and discusses what CIOs plan on doing with cloud computing. A good document to read if you are getting started with cloud computing.

Defining a Framework for Cloud Adoption

This paper illustrates the key capabilities to consider when developing cloud computing strategies, and identifies key aspects required to successfully execute that strategy. It discusses a cloud computing adoption framework, which establishes common definitions, delivery models and services.

Cloud Computing Strategy

This presentation discusses the creation of a vision, strategy and implementation plan for cloud computing.

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