COBIT Primer

This presentation provides a soup to nuts introduction to the COBIT 5 Framework. Excellent Read! (50+ pages)

An Introduction to the COBIT Framework

This presentation provides an introduction to ISACA's COBIT Framework. An excellent look at the internals of the framework and how it helps IT governance, and control. Good place for a CIO to start their journey into the world of COBIT.

IT Governance Frameworks in Practice

This research explored the use of popular IT Governance frameworks – Cobit, ITIL etc. – in the enterprise. Who is using them? why are they being used? How are they being used? What benefit is being accrued as a result? A good discussion on using IT Governance frameworks from a practical perspective.

Case Study – Risk and Compliance Using Cobit

This case study demonstrates the use of the Cobit framework for risk and compliance. Cobit Maturity model is used for assessment of IT governance, risk and compliance controls assessment to determine vulnerabilities. Good Read.

Case Study – Practical Insights into Implementation of Cobit Framework

This research delved into the practical issues surrounding the implementation of the IT Governance Framework – Cobit. Who is responsible for Cobit implementation? Who is accountable? Do organizations formalize Cobit controls and processes? Is there periodic assessment conducted to ensure delivery objectives are met? The research was conducted in a specific country but the results can be an eye-opener and provide guidance to CIOs worldwide. 

Case Study – Using IT Governance Controls for Security

This case study explores popular IT governance frameworks and their application for enterprise security and compliance. The presentation introduces, and compares three IT governance frameworks namely, ITIL, Cobit, and ISO 20000. Then, the presenter describes using ITIL and Cobit for an assessment of IT controls, and describes the implementation of this assessment for enterprise risk, compliance, and security. Good discussion.

Cobit Primer

This presentation provides a soup to nuts introduction to the COBIT 5 Framework. Excellent Read!  (50+ pages)

Introduction to COBIT

This document presents an introduction to the COBIT framework – what is COBIT? Why is COBIT important? How to get more information on COBIT? Although this document is dated, it provides invaluable information on this important IT Governance framework. Good Read!

IT Governance Frameworks

This presentation provides an overview of the key information technology governance (IT Governance) frameworks namely, COBIT, ITIL, and CMMI. With the description of each there is a discussion on its application and the results achieved. This discussion emphasizes the use

Introduction to COBIT 5 Framework

This excellent paper provides an in-depth introduction to the COBIT 5 Framework. A great place to start with an overview of this important IT governance framework.

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